Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Pitching: Are You Ready?

Heads up:  if you're not a writer, you're not going to care about this blog. Move along.

But if you are a writer, you're probably at least thinking about attending a writing conference sometime this year. Or, you should. But before you do, prepare yourself. I've written a quick-tip reference for those of you trying to figure out what in the hell you should be doing when you sign up for one of those 15 minute appointments with an editor or agent on day two of these conferences. Here's the link:

Merry Christmas and you're welcome.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wine, Books, and My Ego

This week, despite having the plague, I had a night which falls within the top five experiences of my life, right up there with Auggie nestling up to me for the first time, and that day my grandpa carried me everywhere I wanted to go (clearly, I was a child).

On Tuesday, a book group three towns over invited me to speak to them about my first novel, Smart Mouth. I went because of the free wine. In hindsight, I'm tellin' ya', every novelists should do this at least once. There is no better ego stroke.

Honestly, though, there's more to it than ego. My writing soul was fed. I knew two of the participants, but the rest were friendly and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. I felt like an authority figure - like I a real writer. They asked insightful questions, deep questions, as if they got something out of my words. My words. Wow! People I didn't know actually liked my book! They were treating it how I treat other people's books. They talked about characters as if they were real people, treated their issues like real issues. I mean, I feel that way, but how could I know for sure others feel the same? I can only assume my friends lie to me to assuage my ego, which is fine by me, so the validation rolled over me in a wave. I'm still soaking in it. One woman said she felt like I followed her around and wrote about her life. (For the record, I didn't.) Another woman said she searched the internet for my radio interview and then listened to the whole thing. They asked tons of questions about my current novel; some of them had read excerpts on my blog. They wanted to know about a Smart Mouth sequel!

I enjoyed living my book from their perspective.  I'm honored these women invited me into their home and shared their impressions and questions about my work. And their wine. I can't thank them enough. I write more secure in an audience now, because of them.

And next week, I've been asked to present at the Oregon Coast Literary Award night in Cannon Beach. How did I get here?! Thank you, Universe, for shining this light on me.  I won't take it for granted, I promise. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Smart Mouth novel: the radio interview

Day four of the swine-strep-ear infection fiesta located in the confines of one Holly Lorincz.

Man, I feel like death. But instead of lying in bed eating saltine crackers and watching Perry Mason on KPTV, I got up, showered, passed out, wiped the slobber off my chin, drove to the local radio station and did an interview. The following link involves the gracious Shaena Peterson of KTIL trying to pry an energetic response out of my monosyllabic brain mush.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Snake pit vs. Drowning

I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying. Not worrying in a normal, oh-it-might-rain-I-should-bring-an-umbrella kind of way, either. No, every decision or action I make revolves around the following: will I need to deal with a tsunami, snakes, or driving off the road into water today? There's a reason these themes work themselves into my books.

For example, I consider bringing that umbrella to work.  Hmmm, if, while driving to the office, Hwy 101 slides out from under me and I end up in the Nehalem River, will the umbrella hamper my escape? Maybe I can use that umbrella to break out a window. Yes, umbrella it is. (If you've seen our county highways, you'll know this isn't as farfetched as it sounds. Right?)

Should I wear boots? I really like my red leather boots. But if there is a tsunami, can I run up the hills of Manzanita in them? I test it out. Yep, I can out-sprint the Pacific in these babies. If Tia What's Her Face had been wearing these boots in that movie Deep Impact she would have survived. Okay, boots it is. (My office is in the tsunami zone, so this isn't too crazy. Right?)

Should I sit in the sun in my back yard? The only sunny spot is under the bamboo. Will baby snakes fall into my lap, prompting me to go into convulsions of terror, unable to move, while those little bastards slither over me? I look up, down, all around. Yep, there's a snake coiled on a warm rock by the waterfall. Inside the house it is. (One hot summer day I was sitting at the table in our back courtyard. I heard a rustling in the trees above me. Looking up, I discovered a snake dangling from the branch directly above me. My husband had a difficult time peeling my screeching, incoherent, grey fleshed self off the ceiling of the bedroom, where I was hiding.)

I am fully aware I need to relax, that I can't live my life always worrying about such things. That's what my husband tells me anyway. I say, @$$#$%$  @$#@#$@#$@. Can you imagine driving along  and a tsunami sweeps you off the road, into the bay, and a bunch of snakes climb in the window, trying to escape the rushing debris? I can. I'm prepared.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm a published author!!

I've been trying to find myself for years . . . and I did it! I found myself!
Just go to, type in "Holly Lorincz" and there I am!

If so, here's the Kindle version of my first novel, SMART MOUTH.

Or if you're a Nook/Sony/Kobo/Apple IPad kinda' reader, check out

Smart Mouth is all about a twenty-something trying to figure out how to be an adult while at the same time saddled with a rag-tag speech team who needs a strong leader. No, the book is not about me. But, yes, I did use my own experiences as a creative tool. No, the book is not about you. Legally, I have to tell you that. Ha ha, no really, all the characters are fictitious, despite what you might think . . . ENJOY!

P.S. The Nook version may not be available from the distributor until early next week. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Step 3 -- beat on each other with lightsabers at 6:45

Auggie's first sleepover is this Saturday. Seven seven-year-old farting machines. Why start small? Here's what the invitation looks like:

PHONE: HOLLY 503 xxx / ANDRE 503 xxx
Corndogs, carrots and cupcakes at 6 pm
Open presents at 630
Beat on each other with lightsabers at 645
Splash all the water out of the hottub at 715
Silently watch Star Wars movie at 740
Politely listen to Walter the Farting Dog at 900
Sleep solidly, without moving, from 915 -830
Pancakes at 830 am
Parents pick up kids at 9
Espresso and Captain Crunch served to remaining kids at 915
I need all of your phone numbers so that I can call you when your child bleeds on my carpet or whacks someone purposefully in the face or tries to crawl in bed with me. Seriously. If you don't answer, I will call the fire department and tell them there is a fire at your house. That should wake you up.